Well certainly not days with our method, we use high powered industrial carpet suction machines which get far more water out than most other carpet cleaning machines.

  • Wait till you see our system, you’ll be pleased you chose us, its hard to give an exact time for drying,
  • This all depends on fibre type (ie wool is far more absorbent that poly types) length of fibre, ventilation and humidity, amount of carpet cleaned and the weather,
  • But as a guesstimate we say anything from 1 to 4 hours.
Derek West (15 Posts)

Extensive training and van-mounted equipment enable us to deliver the highest quality carpet cleaning service, safely and conveniently to your home or business premises. Based in Northwich, Cheshire we offer steam upholstery cleaning along with specialist leather cleaning, steam floor cleaning and Steam carpet Cleaning in Cheshire, Crewe, Tarporley and across Warrington, Runcorn.Arcadia Cleaners