If you pay someone who only has limited knowledge about carpet cleaning, your carpets will get dirtier quicker.

Some people are tempted by price as they see carpet cleaning as just throwing some soap down and sucking it back up again

  • This leaves detergent residues in your carpet which are sticky and will attract soil quickly
  • Imagine washing your hair with shampoo and not rinsing it out after wards, your hair would very quickly become dirty

At affordable cleaners we clean professionally, a pre spray of non-foaming detergent is applied to the carpet, we then mechanically agitate the pre spray to make it work harder without having to drench your carpet, this also revives the fibres, then we rinse extract with hot clean fresh water and suck up all the dirt and remaining cleaning solution leaving your carpets freshly cleaned and rinsed. Your carpets (with care) will remain fresh and clean for a lot longer than the quick/cheap method. saving you £££’s in the long run.


Derek West (15 Posts)

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