First of all, check out our promises.

Most websites say they use the best equipment to clean your carpets, well we don’t just say it we prove it, you need big machinery to clean 100’s of kilos of material, our machinery is so big, it has to stay in the van, we run pipes from the van to clean. Our customers are always impressed with the machinery we turn up with and most of our new clients say they have never seen such equipment before. We then have to politely tell them that they have finally found a true professional cleaner.

We charge a fair price for our services, like for like we believe we offer the best value for money cleaning in Cheshire. Our machinery allows us to clean deeper than our competitors so your clean lasts longer, we leave your carpets dryer than our competitors, our ongoing training programmes allow us to identify stains and how to treat them better than our competitors and therefore producing a far superior clean. So now our price becomes true value for money.

Beware of low low prices, you will get companies turning up with low powered electric machines, no training so they could leave your carpets worse than when they arrived, carpet will probably be soaking wet, and worse of all, if they are cheap then they aren’t getting paid much so you have to ask the question, would you want someone who is low paid snooping around your house unattended. We charge a fair honest price for our services and will gladly give you permission to secretly video our staff. You may get a few bad songs on your video playback and the odd builders bum when we bend down to clean the edges of the carpet but nothing else. Trust is our middle name, guaranteed.

Derek West (15 Posts)

Extensive training and van-mounted equipment enable us to deliver the highest quality carpet cleaning service, safely and conveniently to your home or business premises. Based in Northwich, Cheshire we offer steam upholstery cleaning along with specialist leather cleaning, steam floor cleaning and Steam carpet Cleaning in Cheshire, Crewe, Tarporley and across Warrington, Runcorn.Arcadia Cleaners